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Countertops TorontoDo you need countertops in Toronto? Homeowners in the GTA region who are planning to upgrade kitchen or bathroom countertops should choose wisely, because countertops are a long term investment. Homeowners who make their selection primarily on the basis of cost may find that the low cost of their investment is soon forgotten – and they are left with low quality, unsatisfactory countertops. Toronto homes are worthy of quality countertops.

The least expensive “regular” tops are laminate. They look good when new, but laminate is subject to scratching, and the only satisfactory way to repair it is to replace the laminate. At the other end of the scale, natural stone countertops are beautiful, but they are quite expensive, require special care, and are susceptible to cracking / breaking. Natural stone tops may be the most costly countertops in Toronto, but they are probably not the best. Color and pattern matching is difficult, because the stone is formed in nature, and the only way of matching sheets is to cut them from the same block.

Countertops Toronto GTAWhether your preference is for wood-grain, stone, or an abstract pattern, solid surface countertops are arguably the best countertops in Toronto. Solid surface material is available in a great variety of colors, patterns, and thicknesses. It can be worked in ways which other common materials cannot. Solid surface tops are very durable, resisting cracking and scratching – yet if damage occurs, they can be polished or patched to render the damage virtually invisible. If you want to add a room at a later date, your solid surface countertops can be precisely matched.

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