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Discover for yourself the Best Countertops in Toronto, GTA!

What is the Best Countertops in Toronto, Mississauga, GTA?


The Best Countertops in Toronto:

are NOT granite! They aren't marble, either. If you are shopping for high quality countertops in the Toronto / GTA region, you probably realize that granite and marble tops are the most costly. There is no doubt that genuine stone countertops can be beautiful – but they are not the best countertops in Toronto.

In selecting countertops, color is important. It is often difficult to obtain a well matched set of stone tops with the desired color and pattern. If you achieve the perfect color and pattern, be very careful never to drop a heavy skillet on it, because stone will break, can't be satisfactorily repaired, and finding a matching piece of stone is virtually impossible. If you scratch the stone tops (yes, stone tops will scratch), they can be refinished, but the process is difficult, time consuming, and expensive.


Laminate CcountertopLaminate countertops

are the least expensive. There is a broad range of color and pattern options, including some which simulate stone – but laminate tops are definitely NOT the best countertops in Toronto! Laminate tops have a pattern which is printed – like a newspaper! – then covered with a thin layer of hard plastic. The plastic is easily scratched, and there is no practical way to restore the surface. Laminate tops are definitely not the best countertops in Toronto!


Solid surface countertops

are made of a blend of acrylic and ground stone or minerals (exact formulas vary between brands). The product is available in various thicknesses, and is actually more durable than stone. It will usually not break or chip, and if you scratch it, it can be inexpensively polished. The color and pattern go all of the way through, so deep scratches don't destroy the top – and a good technician can patch break / chip damage, making it virtually invisible.

solid surface countertopsSolid surface countertops are substantially less expensive than stone, can be formed into complex shapes which would be impossible with stone or laminate, and the range of colors is virtually unlimited. All things considered, solid surface countertops are best. Call Hardflex today for a free estimate, and get the best countertops in Toronto.

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