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Solid Surface Counter tops Fabrication

Fabrication Countertops Toronto

Countertop FabricationHardflex technicians are highly skilled in solid surface countertops fabrication. We can build tops for new installation, working purely from engineering designs. For existing installations, we prefer to work from precision templates. This enables our specialists to fabricate tops which fit perfectly. Hardflex uses only solid surface acrylic material, which has the same color pattern and texture all of the way through. All joints are precision bonded to such perfection that they are invisible and completely impervious.

Hardflex specialists carefully select material for each component. Layout and cutting is done precisely to assure a perfect fit. Solid surface countertops fabrication is much more than just a “cut and paste” project. We build up layers where needed, thermoform complex curves and shapes, and bond every seam with special adhesive which literally welds the material into a single unit. When the material is fully prepared, we shape it with specialized tooling, then sand and polish the contour to perfection.

Fabrication-Countertop-Acrylic-Solid-SurfaceThe last step of solid surface countertops fabrication is construction of a sturdy wooden underlayment. This crucial component provides complete support for the acrylic solid surface material, and securely attaches it to your cabinets. Because the underlayment is crucial to a proper installation, we fabricate it as accurately as the solid surface countertops itself. Our scrupulous attention to every detail of fabrication enables Hardflex to offer a 15 year warranty on each solid surface countertops.

Hardflex solid surface countertops services are available in the following communities:  

Toronto, Etobicoke, Aurora, Brampton, Burlington, Hamilton, Markham, Mississauga, Oakville, Vaughan, Scarborough, Oshawa, Georgetown, Milton, North York

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