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Solid Surface Countertops Kitchen Bathroom

Solid Surface Countertops


solid surface countertop samplesHardflex Solid Surface Countertops for kitchen or bathroom?  What does that mean?  I’m delighted that you asked!  Solid Surface countertops are great for kitchen, bathroom, family room bar or...well, you name the application - but the solid surface part is what we should define.  There are numerous brands of solid surface countertops material, but they are quite similar in substance and characteristics.  Most solid surface countertops products are available either 6 mm or 12 mm thick.  A few are available in 3/4” and even thicker dimensions.  Some brands are 100% acrylic, while others are a mixture of acrylic resin and fine marble dust or alumina trihydrate with appropriate coloring agents.  Healthcare professionals love the material, because it is nonporous, mostly impervious, and seams may be bonded to eliminate all cracks, gaps, and flaws.


solid-surface-genl-296x408The mixture is thoroughly blended and formed into a solid sheet.  Color and design elements are distributed uniformly through the material. It is available with the appearance of natural stone, wood grain, and a host of custom colors / patterns.  Unlike laminate surfaces, the color / pattern of solid surface material extends throughout the sheet.  For this reason, it is feasible to cut and shape the material, and to thermoform it to complex contours.  Seams are chemically bonded, and when properly executed, they become virtually invisible.  If solid surface countertops sustain damage, they can readily be restored to like new condition.


corian solid surfaceBecause of these characteristics, solid surface countertops are much more durable than laminate, and in many ways are superior even to solid granite or marble.  The cost is mid range, between that of laminate and “real” stone.  Solid Surface tops may be formed into intricate shapes, and sink / lavatory bowls can be seamlessly integrated with the tops, eliminating the possibility of mold, mildew, and bacteria thriving in unseen recesses.  you shouldn’t even consider buying countertops until you have consulted the experts at Hardflex.  Be sure to ask about the Hardflex 15 year written warranty - only available with solid surface countertops.


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